Thursday, August 12, 2010

New World Zorro DVD Release Update

A&E Video has a target of December 2010 for the release of the New World Zorro DVD set. Keep in mind that the specific release date has not been determined and that release dates are subject to change.

The original target was Fall 2010 but that was a little too quick, so the new target is December 2010. A lot goes into preparing a DVD release such as this one. We are going to get some great bonus features, including outtakes and the original never-before-seen pilot that did not star Duncan Regehr. It takes time to process these bonus features. In the meantime, we have much to anticipate!


Danny said...

This is really good news. I'm very excited about the series being released on DVD...and that Mr. Gertz wants input from the fans of te show as per the bonus material and even given them the opportunity to name the box set. really cool. This is my all-time favourite television show and was my first exposure to Zorro, the second being three videotapes of the Disney series, which I also like, but I prefer the 1990 series. I didn't like the recent films with Banderas, as the first one depicted Zorro (two of them, actually) KILLING and had a scene that I thought was gratuitous: where Elena & Zorro fight and he undresses her...with his sword. that scene didn't fit his my opinion. The second movie was better, in that Zorro didn't kill anyone (or maybe he did and I missed it). Based on the 1920 film, what I've seen of the Disney series and the 1990 series, Zorro is a family-friendly character.

Danny said...

This is one of the best family shows ever produced. Shame it was cancelled...especially on such a cliff-hanger!!! But it's a great thing the series will finally be released on DVD, with loads of bonus features. I'm hoping for deleted/extended scenes, archival & new cast/crew interviews, featurettes on swordfighting, how it was done for the show, how the Disney series influenced the family-friendly atmosphere of the series, how Duncan Regehr was cast when the never-before-seen pilot went south, etc.