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I no longer am interested in adding new information to the site, except for some recent necessary changes about the official release on DVD. However, during the years that I built the site, I was very meticulous and thorough about my information. It is the place to go for correct information about the series. I am not being arrogant, and I am aware that I could have something wrong somewhere. But I know how much work I put into the site, and I know how carefully I cross-checked information.

I mention this because a point came up recently in this blog. Someone commented that it is wrong to state that the series aired from 1990 to 1993, and I assume this comment was directed at the DVD title suggestion that included those years. I made that title suggestion.

It was stated that the correct years are 1990 to 1992, and that we can look up those dates on various sites. I have no idea who has the years as 1990 to 1992, but that information is wrong.

First off, the fourth season was the only season I saw as the shows aired, and I wrote down the dates. The series ended in January 1993. Pam Poland, another fan, wrote down the dates for all four seasons as they aired. She and I agreed on the dates for the fourth season when we compared notes years ago.

As to Pam's dates, I knew she had them right, but I also cross-checked them. At one point, I bought most back issues of TV Guide for 1990 to 1993 and cross-checked dates. I do have the correct dates listed on my site on the episode lists. The Family Channel aired new episodes from January 5, 1990 until January 30, 1993. The run of the series was three years and three weeks.

When the point was brought up that the dates of 1990 to 1993 were wrong, I knew I was the one who stated them and figured that my website must contradict those dates. I have thought very little about the New World Zorro series during the last five years. I thought that I was remembering wrong. Pam pointed out the correct end date, and I checked my site. Sure enough, my site has the correct end date.

When I first built my site, I mentioned that one of the writers for the series, Philip John Taylor, guest starred in the episode "Whereabouts." Someone informed me that I was wrong and pointed out the two different pages on IMDB for a writer, Philip John Taylor, and an actor, Philip Taylor. I was chagrined and removed the information from my site.

A few years later, Robert L. McCullough, producer for the series, answered some fan questions. He mentioned that Philip John Taylor was in the episode "Whereabouts" as a writer as an inside joke. I then added my original information back to my site. What this proves is that IMDB does have incorrect information. I just checked, and writer Philip John Taylor is still not credited as being in that one episode, yet he was.

I also took a lot of criticism for years about the alcalde's name Luis Ramone. I was probably the only person who thought the name was Ramone, and everyone else thought it was Ramon. I used the sign in "It's a Wonderful Zorro" as proof. I was told that the name was misspelled in that sign and that production did not bother to correct it. While this show was slipshod at times (see the electric light bulbs in the hacienda in "Death and Taxes" and remember the show is set in 1820), I thought that it was going a bit too far to suggest they would misspell a primary character's name.

When I finally obtained many of the scripts, I found that the name is Ramone all through the scripts. I shared that information and was told that the name must have been spelled phonetically so that the actors would know how to pronounce it. Who on earth does not know how to pronounce Ramon? It is not an uncommon name. People were grasping at anything in order to prove me wrong about the spelling of the name.

By the way, I do not care how people spell the name in their fan fiction stories. Of course Ramon is correct for Spanish, and I believe that most of the stories use that spelling. It is my duty to bring forth information about the actual television production, so for me, the name is Ramone.

I also have a conviction about a certain extra who appeared in many shows, but I have been unable to prove it. Of course I am the only one who believes what I do, and I hope someday I can prove myself either right or wrong, because it bothers me.

Just know that I am someone who is very thorough, so my site is a good source of information. I have far from all of the information that is available, but what I do have from years ago should be correct.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if they will ever continue to make more episodes,because i feel they left the viewers not knowing what happens.
... Does deigo ever tell hes father and victoria that he is zorro? It relly bothers me that they left it like that.
..please right back

Jennifer said...

There will not be any additional episodes filmed. However, there is an effort to produce a radio show with the actors who starred in the series. If this radio show is produced, then it would tie up the loose ends that were left when the series was canceled.

Daryl is the one who is working on the radio show, and he may leave a comment here in answer to your question, so check back.