Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Mark of Zorro Radio Drama

Here is information from Daryl on two upcoming Zorro radio productions.
The Mark of Zorro is being produced by renowned audio dramatist Yuri Rasovsky and the Hollywood Theater of the Ear for Blackstone Audio will be recorded in August. This will be a full-cast audio dramatization of Johnston McCulley's first Zorro story The Curse of Capistrano (aka The Mark of Zorro).

The cast will feature:

Val Kilmer (Tombstone, Batman Forever, Top Gun, Heat) as Zorro

Ruth Livier (Ylse) as Lolita Pulido

Elizabeth Pena (Justice League, The Incredibles, Nothing Like The Holidays) as Catalina Pulido

Armin Shimmerman (Quark on Star Trek: DS9) as the Landlord/ Narrator

Meshach Taylor (Anthony Bouvier on Designing Women, Ned's Declassified School Guide) as Sgt Gonzalez.

Keith Szarabajkai as Capitan Ramon.

Also in the cast Scott Brick, Phil Proctor (Firesign Theater), Kristoffer Tabori, Ned Schmidtke, Gorgo Panza, and Stefan Rudnicki


Coming in the early of 2011 "Zorro Rides Again" the full-cast audio drama sequel to “Zorro and the Pirate Raiders” from Colonial Radio Theater. This production will be released through Brilliance Audio Publishing.

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