Saturday, December 1, 2012

Excellent New Interview with Duncan Regehr

Make sure you read this excellent interview with Duncan Regehr.

Duncan Regehr talks about his role as Zorro


R Hamilton said...

I never could get the video to work with the interview with Duncan Regehr and didn't hear about the poll to bring Zorro back until today so probably lots of others didn't know about it, either :( I would love to see Zorro brought back to a TV series IF it kept the same family viewing as the New Zorro had on the family channel. With good promotion I bet many others would watch it, too!

Zorrogirl said...

Hi Jennifer White, I could not find an email here for you so hoping you will see this. Thanks for the wealth of info here on La Espada y la Rosa. Do you know why no one has made this on DVD or Where I can get a copy with the English subtitles. I have been trying and writing to Sony, Telemundo for years with no response. Deb