Sunday, February 20, 2011

Queen of Swords #2: Death to the Queen

Luisa is desperate to find her husband.  She tells tells Marta and Tessa about his disappearance.  He was arrested and let go, but now he has vanished.  Tessa goes to Colonel Montoya to find out what has happened.  Montoya does not give a satisfactory response, so Tessa is left wondering what is going on.

Tessa is introduced to Doctor Helm in a rather abrupt fashion.

Doctor Helm grabs Tessa's apple.

Colonel Montoya's gold mine.

Colonel Montoya and Captain Grisham speak about the Colonel's gold mine.  Montoya chides Grisham for being behind schedule, but Grisham protests that the men are dying.  Montoya needs the money to buy cannons so that he can build his empire.  Grisham tells Montoya that if he keeps grabbing more men to work in the mine that the Queen of Swords will find out.  Montoya retorts that they will make sure that the Queen investigates.

Colonel Montoya asks the Doctor Helm for advice concerning the men who are falling ill. Later, Señora Hidalgo flirts with Doctor Helm.

The soldiers load men into a wagon.
The Queen watches the soldiers.

The Queen of Swords spies on the pueblo and discovers that the soldiers are taking men away in wagons.  The Queen follows the wagon. Partway through the journey, the Queen is ambushed and shot.  She flees from the soldiers but is forced to jump off a cliff into the ocean.

The soldiers search for the Queen of Swords.

Señor Hidalgo and Colonel Montoya speak about the mine.

Colonel Montoya tries to get Señor Hidalgo to invest in the gold mine.  The men's conversation is interrupted when Captain Grisham arrives with a piece of clothing belonging to the Queen of Swords.  Montoya cautiously assumes that the Queen might have escaped. Since she is injured, she will be easy to find.  Montoya points out that the Queen's clothing is made from fine silk, so she must be wealthy.

A soldier approaches the Queen of Swords.

Meanwhile, the Queen of Swords manages to escape and return home.

Tessa goes to the party that night.  She bleeds through her dress and must cover up with a shawl.  She inadvertently leaves blood on the wall, which is noticed by Montoya.  Montoya orders his soldiers to make certain that nobody leaves and forces the women to be visually examined by Doctor Helm in an attempt to discover who is injured.

Doctor Helm is told to examine the women.
Tessa approaches Doctor Helm.
As Tessa approaches the doctor, Marta breaks a glass in her hand and cries out in pain.  Marta's injury ends the inspection and saves Tessa from detection.

Marta displays her injured hand.
Tessa questions Señor Hidalgo about abandoned mines.  Hidalgo warns Tessa about curiosity.  While Tessa and Hidalgo are talking, Luisa's husband is brought into the pueblo dead.

The Queen of Swords rides to the mine.  Meanwhile, Montoya has Doctor Helm travel to the mine to examine the sick men. 

Doctor Helm demands that the men be given water.
While the doctor is at the mine, the Queen of Swords arrives and is captured.  Doctor Helm manages to cut the Queen's bonds so that she can free herself.  The Queen blows up the mine and escapes. 

Doctor Helm assists the Queen.
Later, Montoya bemoans the fact that he was unable to buy the cannons he needed.

Montoya regrets that his scheme failed.
Tessa grabs the apple before Doctor Helm can get it.


DietMJ said...

I've been watching QOS on YouTube in order hoping they don't yank them off the site like they did NW Zorro! I've just watched Episode 9, so when you get there I'll post my comments. I need to go back to rewatch some of the earlier ones. The series is really growing on me. Love the villians!

DietMJ said...

I've watched several of the episodes and really started to enjoy the series, so I'm watching them again. I can see why they got in trouble for borrowing things related to Zorro. The child returning from Spain. The evil government Luis (Ramone/Montoya). Similar to Los Angles. Borrowed from Mask of Zorro, the gold mine with the evil Captain in charge. I am really enjoying the characters and their development. I thought Tessa was a bit lukewarm at first, but re-watching the episodes, I decided I like her. I wonder what makes someone like Montoya the way he is. When you see him praying in church, and he tells Marta that the day marks the date of his father's death. And he celebrates it...what a screwed up childhood he must have had. Sorry its just 22 episodes.

REVUpminster said...

This was the first episode to be filmed hence the more fancy uniforms that were ditched. Anthony De Longis, the stunt corordinator, made the biggest continuity error of the series when The Queen dismounts the lancer and gets on his horse only to be filmed picking up her sword on her own horse Chico. This happened because the second scene was filmed the next day with a double. Overall an epic episode seen best on a big widescreen television as it was photographed. Oh and the script did not have a wasted word.