Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cover Art for New World Zorro DVD Sets

The official New World Zorro DVD release will be in early 2011. While still shows January 11, 2011, we have been told that the actual date is January 25, 2011 (see comment to this post).

Someone asked in a previous post whether it matters from where we buy the DVDs. The concern was whether the copyright holder would get more profit if the DVDs are purchased from one source over another. It is apparent that purchasing from is fine with Zorro Productions, since Zorro Productions has linked to Amazon from its site. has just updated the product pages with the cover art.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

The Complete Series


Anonymous said...

The official release date for NWZ on DVD is January 25, 2011.


Danny said...

Zorro Productions Inc has done it, crafting a terrific cover art for the classic series. Kudos to them for asking for the fans' input and exceeding their expectations in terms of cover art & bonus features.

Great newz for the fanz of Zorro. Zorro Rides To DVD January 25, 2011.

Danny said...

i can't believe it's been that long since this family-friendly show was unexpectedly (and I think, unfairly) cancelled. Now, you rarely have a family-friendly show on the major networks. At least, "Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman," "Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman," "Touched By An Angel" and (coming soon) the 1990-1993 series "Zorro" are on DVD. These shows, along with classics like The Three Stooges' shorts, Tom & Jerry shorts, "The Andy Griffith Show," "The Waltons," "I Love Lucy," Little House On The Prairie" and others are family-oriented shows that are are not only entertaining, but are shows you can watch without feeling offended.

Danny said...

wow. I just can't believe it. ZPI actually included the 1920 silent film The Mark Of Zorro in the complete set, as I'd suggested. Jennifer also said that some deleted scenes might be included.

Kudos to Zorro Productions Inc for asking the fans' input on the bonus features, and for creating a strong image of Duncan Regehr as Zorro for the cover art of the complete set & the individual seasons.

Zorro Rides Once Again.

cynthia said...

I have already pre-ordered from is that going to cost me more or should i cancel and re-order when Jan 1,2011 shows up?!

percheronluvr said...

Cynthia-like you I pre-ordered it too! Since we already pre-ordered it, I don't think we'll have to pay extra if the price goes up.

Jennifer said...

They cannot raise the price on you if you have already pre-ordered. You are guaranteed to pay no more than the price the item was on the day you ordered it.

If the price goes down prior to the release date, the amount you pay will also go down. If the price goes up, your price does not go up.

There is a chance that the price may go down after the release date. I have not pre-ordered yet, and I am wondering whether I should wait until after the set is released. People who wait until after the release may pay less. I probably won't wait, however.

Jackal said...

the DVDs will have audio or subtitles in Spanish?

Jennifer said...

We do not know whether any languages other than English will be provided. There was talk about the possibility of including other languages, but we have received no information as to whether other languages will be included.

The Amazon listings are still not showing any specific information, so we do not know.

Once the DVDs are released and people have received them, we will learn exactly what is on them.

Danny said...

Karen said that deleted/extended scenes might be included.

Jennifer said...

We know that Karen copied her tapes of the extras for Gertz, and the extras are supposed to be on the DVDs. Like with everything else that has been mentioned, we are not going to know for certain exactly what is on these DVDs until Amazon updates the listings with concrete information or until we have the DVDs in our possession.